Hi, I’m a french software engineer and graphics programmer currently working at Siradel on real-time 3D rendering technologies for smart cities visualization.

I studied and got my software engineering degree specialized in digital imagery, as well as a masters degree in data science at ENSICAEN.

During my studies I worked for 3 months at Kingston University, UK, on panorama generation from image sequences and background extraction.

I also did a 6-month internship at Siradel creating a high performance terrain engine that was later integrated into Smart City Explorer Pro. The engine was able to use scalar and RGB rasters in any projection system to display a high fidelity terrain in real-time. The only preprocessing step was the tiling and mipmapping of the input rasters. The engine relied on virtual texturing, and tile reprojection and composition on GPU.

I was then hired at Siradel in September 2016, where I am still working currently.

There I worked on a large variety of problems including

  • Visualizing very large points clouds (Lidar)
  • Rendering large punctual datasets (trees, urban furtitures, …)
  • Street lighting
  • Rendering very large uniquely textured buildings datasets

I am now developing a multi-platform rendering engine from scratch, running on Windows, Linux and Web Assembly, written in C++, with C++, C# and TypeScript APIs.

You can contact me at steven.lerouzic@gmail.com.